New to this site? Read This First.

You must have understood by now, what is this site all about… Yes, you got it right! This site is about Mental Health Disorders.

Our society still has a stereotypical mindset about this topic. People suffering from any such disorders are, knowingly or unknowingly, termed as ‘crazy‘ or ‘insane‘. It creates a feeling of shame in that person. But, it is absolutely not one’s fault if he/ she suffers from any such illness.

It is high time we stop shaming anybody for anything they are suffering because we all need to understand that it is much more straining for them than we think it to be.

People suffering from mental health disorders, often feel ashamed to talk about their problems. Hand In Hand is just the right place for them because here they can talk about their issues with nothing to worry about. Visit the Talk It Out page to know more about this.

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